16 Photobombs You Have To See To Believe

1. Stick with what you know Donald, you didn't amass your wealth on the basis of "hipness"

2. Deserted LA malls: where you can find two celebrities and in one visit as long as you bring a miniature version of Falkor from "The NeverEnding Story"

Ty Burrell from "Modern Family," and Bryan Cranston - pretty much the most phenomenal celeb tandem you could stumble into

3. This is one of those times you extol the photographer for still taking the picture

4. Either he has an awesome sense of humor, or they're about to get chloroformed

5. Apparently Bill doesn't get enough attention, and this girl enjoys the taste of iPad mini

6. Really hoping this was during Halloween

7. His suit's in there...see the triangle? That's Iron Man's new chest light...you guys think I'm kidding
For those of you who live under a rock, Robert Downey Jr.

8. If it weren't for the human gazelle, this picture just isn't worth keeping

9. "I'm sorry, were you trying to be subtle about photographing me?"

Michael Cera

10. Because yeah, your Christmas card would've sucked ass without him

11. Eeeeeeeeeeeyahhhhhhh....damn it

12. Jackie Chan: bringing levity to overly formal events since 1998

13. When a dirty mind meets a brilliant one

14. "Angelina, we're not laughing at you, just don't turn around"

Dustin Hoffman (left) and Jack Black

15. They've speculated that this is actually what got Clay his role in the new Pitch Perfect...

Green bay Packers' quarteback Aaron Rodgers (front) and linebacker Clay Matthews (creeping). Oh, and just to clear the air, the caption was a joke people

16. If John Travolta were a stingray...

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